1. Fire Fly

From the recording DOWNLOAD

Fire Fly… Was written in several locations around Australia. Starting as I walked into a restaurant kitchen as the chef for the day, having the lyrics 'I love you more than Elvis' pop into my head and thinking what a great opening line to a song.
This song is inspired by the uniqueness and differences that exist within love and relationships. Stars need a dark sky to shine brightly from. Contrast helps define shape and individuallity.


Love you more than Elvis, love you like the day
Like my night dreams, you take my fears away
Like the wild wind or daybreak follows night
Like my old jeans, you got me feeling right

I’ll be your firefly
You can be my night
I’ll keep a candle burning
For you who brings me sight

Let me be your ocean as your ship sails at sea
At the bough within the wake, air will carry me
Listen very carefully, you’ll hear me late at night
Whispering The Word, through the starry light

Money, fame or fortune, that’s overlooking me
Has no importance, like you’ve become to be
If I fall in darkness and you I cannot see
Come and find me, come and rescue me