1. Ride On

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Ride On

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Ride On was written in a beach house in Byron Bay Australia and is a reflection on the changes in the Earth and the choices that our governments and businesses make to the detriment of our environment. This song hopes that this will change or that those who are making these choices will either make better choices or fall. Underlying is we need to do things we love to do regardless of what maybe happening around us. We 'Ride On' through life. Doing the things that bring joy to us and others.


Ride On - Tim Stokes

I got so many strings here in my hands
If I pull one will you come undone
I got so many words in my mind
If I speak them will they become

Well I will fly like an eagle and
Soar like a plane yeah
Hit you when it hurts
I’m a hurricane
I will lay you down through the seasons
I will lift you up and give you reason

Ride…Ride on my friend

We got so many weapons here at our disposal
Or will we use them or will we hear
We got so many dreams in our land
Can we sing them, bring them near

It’s a glacial melt down, Earth is shaking
The sea is rising and buildings breaking
Well, they have come, they will fall
They would leave nothing at all

I will lay you down
I will lift you up
I will lay you down
I will lift you up, up, up, up, up, up

Ride on, ride on, ride on my friend

Then it’s over