1. Working

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Working is inspired by about a few different things. It's about when I was working as a chef and my legs would get tired from the pressure of the long days. It is also about being away from the woman I loved as I was touring the east coast of Australia. It could also be about any man who is taken away from those he loves to earn money for his family. There are plenty of those.


Working -Tim Stokes

Working, working
My feet down to the bone
So tired, tired
For being so far from home

Oh you know I’d rather be there
Lying down with you
Girl you know I gotta make money
Gotta do what a man gotta do

We’re talking, talking
Only on the telephone
I’m sorry baby I got to
Leave you all alone

I’m flying, flying
Flying home to you
Girl you know I’m going to
Gonna see you soon

Once again I’m gonna have you
Lying in my arms
In that space, your pretty face
There can be no harm