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For a Little While

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On Christmas day Dad said to my niece Morgan, "If Maddie (his dog) is rubbing up against you that's because it likes you."

That's where this song comes from.


For a Little While Lyrics - Tim Stokes

If I’m rubbing up against you
Well that’s because I like you
And you can rub up against me
Any time you want to

If I’m talking to you,
Well that’s because I like you
It doesn’t mean I wanna marry you
But maybe we can lay together…

For a little while

I might be small in stature but I am big at heart
Well I was down with Noah as he built his Ark
He kept on telling me about his craft, alright

I’m a pink ribbon on a purple suit
Well I’m the kind of candy that you can’t refuse
I just want to get alone with you…

For a little while